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On Christian Cultures

Of the various and variegated (and mostly but not all academic) cultures, which proudly identify themselves under the moniker “Christian,” I intend, in the paragraphs that follow, to say quelques mots.

Whether these words are generalizable or apply to similar cultures you may inhabit, the judge, of necessity, must be you, la lectora.

On the one hand, the noun, while admittedly abstract, which best describes the slight majority of the emotional states that were suffered by me while navigating these biomes (of a sort), must needs be fruitio. Opportunities to pursue and fulfill my vocatio—in so far as it has been understood by me—alongside occasions for the erection of cutaneous-level relationships (with some notable exceptions which may, in the final analysis, serve to prove the rule) have been the principal δωρον endowed (to be sure, not by those cultures, but through, or despite, them) to me.

On the other hand, one primary beneficiary of the near fanatical phobia with respect to the infliction of hematomae upon the passiones of the ‘individual παντοκρατωρ,’ has been yours truly.

Continuing sur l’autre main, ‘astounding’ is the pinnacle among suitable adverbs which shall modify the δυναμη of these κοινωνιας to execute la trahison (la traición, proditione, προδοσια, etc.).

To sum up, I largely enjoyed my un-hurt feelings until my ass was thrown out the door.

Before I grant you the occasion to return to your social-media scrolling or Interlace TelEntertainment device viewing, I should leave you with the thing which you are maladapted to receiving within 6 mots of the primum verbum: the τελος.

My goal is that Christians (including and especially you) would think carefully about the relationship between being nice and being loving.

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